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Name Frederick
Age 65
Nationality USA
Gender Male
Currently In Nebraska, USA, United States
Available Date Nov. 2019
Degree / Diploma Master
Teaching Certificate TESOL
Job Preferences Teaching Job ( Full-Time, Part-Time )
Tutor No
I am a single white man and I have eighteen years of teaching experience. I am a native English speaker, but I also speak the German language. For fun I play the piano. I am older, and hope my age is not a problem with schools in Taiwan or Vietnam. In the past, I taught all age groups: children, high school, university and businesspeople. Now I want to teach advanced college students in China or Vietnam. I taught English in Korea for five years; from 1998 until 2003. Since 2010 (for the last 9 years) I have been teaching ESL to adult immigrants and refugees in the USA. They are from many countries. I have a Master of Education degree, and a BA in linguistics from the USA. From Germany, I have four years of part*******