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Name Jenna Hancock
Age 36
Nationality United States
Gender Female
Currently In Osaka, Japan
Available Date Jul. 2017
Degree / Diploma Master
Teaching Certificate CELTA
Job Preferences Teaching Job ( Full Time )
Tutor No

I have been teaching ESL in Asia for about ten years. I hold a Masters Degree, TEFL-C, and CELTA certification. Currently, I am the Academic Supervisor for Osaka English Village located in Osaka, Japan.  Throughout my career I have taught English to students ranging from 18 months to as old at 88, with various types of English proficiency levels, as well as learning capabilities. Occasionally, I have been promoted to Senior Teacher, Academic Consultant, and/or Manager due to my ability to train others (teacher training, mentoring, etc.), high professionalism, superior teaching capabilities, compassion and understanding of other cultures, and especially for my high standards in academic integrity.  

 Throughout my almost 10 years of teaching abroad I have learned to teach English with the latest technologies such as Interactive White Boards with top-notch academic textbooks. I've also taught with chalk boards, cassette players, and projectors with lesson plans I made on my own. When teaching I utilize the various teaching skills I’ve developed over the years in my classrooms, some of those skills include: high computer proficiency skills (internet, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), ability to utilize and modify pre-made or homemade lesson plans, props/realia, TPR, games, worksheets, and so forth. I’ve taught adults for a total of four to five years with various language abilities, skills, and interests. I find teaching advanced English speaking students to be rewarding due their ability to pull real-life situations into various role-playing activities, discussion topics, class projects, or general conversations in a given class period or outside of the classroom. However, younger learners whose English ability are just developing, are also some of the most rewarding to teach. I’ve taught young learners for over five years and utilizing kinesthetic and other young learner cognitive learning techniques (visual, auditory, etc), music, dance, and other related skills needed for this age group, I’ve truly come to enjoy teaching this group as well. With any age group the one skill I find the most beneficial has been the ability for me to asses each and every students needs and proficiencies to better assist them inside of the classroom.

 Over the last 10 years I have accumulated an immense set of teaching skills for students of all ages, abilities, interests, and culture. I have lived in Mandarin Speaking nations and have studied Mandarin. I completely comprehend multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and bilingual students. I’m adaptable, exceptionally quick to learn, and can work independently or in a group. Taiwan was one of my most favourite places to visit and live and I welcome the opportunity to interview for the positions you are offering. 

 Thank you for your time.

 Jenna Hancock