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Name Rebecca Thornton
Age 24
Nationality Taiwan
Gender Female
Currently In Taipei, Taiwan
Available Date ASAP 2018
Degree / Diploma None
Teaching Certificate TESOL
Job Preferences Teaching Job ( Part Time )
Tutor Yes ( ESL Tutor )
*******p;Hello, My name is Rebecca Thornton!

I come from Texas, USA and I have taught in Taiwan from 2016 to 2017. I taught English to hundreds of students in Chiayi during that time at the Character and English Camp owned by HTC Foundation. (If you would like to give the Supervisor a call in regards to my work ethics I can provide you with her phone number)
In 2014 I attended a college course in North Carolina for Speech and Debate, I passed the test and received the certification.
I have my TESOL certificate, and also an Apologetic Certification from College in America. (For debate/speech by either writing or speech.)
When I attended College in North Lake Community College my strongest subject was in English Composition.
I have both an American & Taiwanese passport & ID.
If you would like to I can provide my IDs and certificates in person or through email. 
Please give me a call at 0906982306 or email me at rasukapay*******