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Name Marc C. Hsu
Age 45
Nationality United States
Gender Male
Currently In Taipei, Taiwan
Available Date ASAP 2017
Degree / Diploma Master
Teaching Certificate
Job Preferences Teaching Job ( Both )
Tutor Yes ( ESL Tutor )

Dear Recruiter,

Thank you for showing interest in my profile. I am an experienced educator and currently looking to teach in the mornings and afternoons. Please contact me for a detailed CV to further discuss how I may assist in filling your organization's needs.

I am a native English speaker raised and educated in the United States. I'm a teacher by profession and focus on international communications for business and educational success. My cross-cultural insights, course materials, and strategies help students engage and develop a competitive edge in globalizing markets and in the classroom.

Students expand their valuable insights and confidence by using English as the medium for communication and knowledge building & sharing. Students learn how to intergrate whole-language English for business, academic, and daily-life environments (vocabulary, comprehension, speaking, reading, writing, and non-verbal communication). Students also accelerate decoding and code-switching ability, refine small talk, strengthen presentations, engage in role-play, maximize standardized test results, and improve email correspondence, interviews, translations, and editing.