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Name Andrew McCunn
Age 32
Nationality United States
Gender Male
Currently In New Hartford, United States
Available Date ASAP 2017
Degree / Diploma Bachelor
Teaching Certificate TEFL
Job Preferences Teaching Job ( Full Time )
Tutor Yes ( ESL Tutor )
*******p;I believe that communication is the single most important tool at our disposal.  Having majored in journalism with a minor in creative writing, as well as spending nearly a year and a half teaching students English in Korea, I believe I am qualified to explain the nuances of the English language in a classroom setting.

Successful teachers can convey information to their students while holding their attention.  This can be difficult for individuals who have attention problems, but as I once had trouble concentrating in classes myself, I believe I have the experience necessary to keep classes interesting.  I hope to keep them focused by interspersing activities among the lessons.

I have taught English in Korea, where I interacted with children and helped them learn the proper ways to write and speak English. I've had to keep an eye on what techniques work for which students, and alter how I handle the class accordingly.  I also enjoy providing people with challenges that can be overcome with effort, and love creating scenarios or stories to help people understand content better.

(Also, just a small technical issue, but the site won't let me upload any pictures, so if you want to see my certificate, diploma, resume, photo, etc., you will have to ask me until I can get that figured out.  Thanks!)