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Name Daniel Schmidt
Age 30
Nationality Netherlands
Gender Male
Currently In Trenton, Spain
Available Date Jul. 2020
Degree / Diploma Bachelor
Teaching Certificate TESOL
Job Preferences Teaching Job ( Full Time )
Tutor No

My name is Dan Schmidt, I am a native English speaker born and raised in Canada and a TESOL certified teacher.  I am an outgoing, creative, and hard working person, and I am interested in the teaching in Taiwan.  I received my TESOL certification from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and will have completed an Undergraduate degree in Communication Studies from the University of Ottawa in June 2013.  I have never travelled outside of North America and have been interested in living in a different culture for quite some time.  I am anxious to learn new languages while I teach my native language to those anxious to learn it.  The TESOL course taught me how to teach English in creative and interesting ways, and I have had many opportunities to provide education in previous jobs.  Several years ago, I was in charge of a paint warehouse and taught new employees how to stack shelves and operate equipment properly, and I have also worked in a bookstore with a team of workers, which taught me teamwork and organization.  I am eager to accept the responsibilities I will be given in this position and I believe that my education and skills will allow me to perform my classroom duties.  I am available to start work as early as July 15th, 2013 and I can be contacted through e-mail and would be happy to set up a telephone or Skype meeting at your earliest convenience.  I can provide my resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, passport photo, and further documentation once they are needed.




Dan Schmidt