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Name Paula Clifford
Age 34
Nationality Canada
Gender Female
Currently In Ottawa, Canada
Available Date Mar. 2012
Degree / Diploma Bachelor
Teaching Certificate None
Job Preferences Teaching Job ( Full Time )
Tutor Yes ( ESL Tutor )

Paula Clifford

1376 Wesmar Dr

Ottawa, On, Canada, K1H7T5


January 14, 2012



I have always enjoyed working with children and have developed a love for teaching. I have previous experience working as an ESL Teaching in Seoul, South Korea. During my time as a teacher I had the privilege of experiencing the excitement and fulfillment that comes with seeing a child learn and grow. I am so fortunate to have been an individual that contributed to a child’s advancement. My passion for teaching motivates me to continue teaching and is the reason I would appreciate the chance to come teach at your school in Thailand. I have excellent communication skill and have executed this skill when working in customer service and as an educator. I am familiar with parent meetings and performing extracurricular activities while teaching in South Korea. I always put my students and their parents first. I put the extra time and effort into ensuring the best education and environment for my students and the most satisfaction for parents. I have worked with children from the age of two to eleven years old, which has made me flexible, adaptable, and creative. In addition, I have exceptional computer skills. While working at the City of Ottawa, Assessment Department, I was assigned the task of creating organizational spreadsheets to improve the efficiency of the department. My daily assignments enabled me to gain knowledge in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word Processor, and Microsoft Outlook.


I am a very enthusiastic teacher and relish the opportunity to work at your school.  I have no doubt that I would be a valued member of your team and would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate my skills. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.



Paula Clifford