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Name T.J.
Age 40
Nationality United States
Gender Male
Currently In Taipei, Taiwan
Available Date ASAP 2018
Degree / Diploma Bachelor
Teaching Certificate None
Job Preferences Teaching Job ( Both )
Tutor Yes ( ESL Tutor )

I have an APRC and can work anywhere.  I also have the ability to accept payment from businesses for corporate classes.  I am hoping I can help you or your company learn English.  I have lots of experience teaching people of all ages.  I can teach very basic English to children all the way to business and TOEFL English to college students and businesspeople.  I have a lot of experience teaching corporate classes as well.   I have all of my own material.  I currently teach adults and children.  I have lots of conversation material.  I have lots of free time to meet.  If you want to do one*******> Write and administer tests and homework assignments

English Teacher
BTS Middle School Taipei City, Taiwan September 2018-Present
Teach Drama to 5th grade students
Write and administer tests and homework assignments
Guide students through computer assignments
Communicate with parents
Write grade reports
Manage the classroom independently
English Teacher
YSE English Taipei City, Taiwan April 2013-Present
Teach travel English, vocabulary, business English, and conversation to a wide range of students with a wide range of English ability
Evaluate students' English ability and decide if they should progress to the next level
Design curriculum based on students' needs
Create specialized classes based on students' interests
Teach TOEFL one-on-one
Train students to do interviews and presentations 
English Teacher
Hanlin Publishing Northern Taiwan August 2016-present
Travel to middle schools in Northern Taiwan to teach various English lessons
Judge speaking and singing competitions
Operator/English Teacher
English Teacher Tours Greater Taipei August 2015-present
Create classes and events for adult students
Coordinate events with local business owners
Market the events
Teach English on location at various places such as the zoo, tourist attractions, bars, restaurants, at home
Create a curriculum for the events
English Consultant
GRAM Consultants Taipei City, Taiwan October 2012-Present
Travel to corporations such as McDonald's, Quanta, Mediatek, Inotera, Vishay, Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation, Apex, Airproducts, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, and Taiwan Fertilizer in order to teach all levels of business courses and conversation
Evaluate students' English ability and decide if they should progress to the next level
Travel to corporations in order to teach large and small groups in a conference setting
Make curriculum recommendations to current and potential customers
Travel to businesses to make presentations with the intention of gaining new customers
Create lesson plans and exams (typically in Powerpoint form) for corporate classes 
Meet with HR and individual students to identify their needs
Keep records of student attendance and performance 
English Teacher
ELITE English Taipei City, Taiwan July 2010-April 2013  
Teach all levels of adult conversation and business courses
Substitute teach conversation, TOEFL, Listening and Reading, Movie Class
Travel to corporations in order to teach large and small groups in a conference setting
Create lesson plans and exams (typically in Powerpoint form) for corporation classes  
6TH-8TH Grade Engineering Teacher
Kirby-Smith Middle School Jacksonville, Florida U.S.A. August 2006 - June 2008  
Taught Engineering to middle-school students in a standards-based classroom. Prepared syllabi, conceived appropriate day-to-day lesson plans and maintained a well-documented grade book. Reported on student progress to students, parents, administrators and guidance counselors
Created a constructive learning environment through classroom management and leadership. Accommodated and integrated learning-challenged students into the classroom
Founded and coached the school’s “Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering” team. Successfully applied for and received grant funding to support the team
Designed an “Alternative Energy Lego” curriculum for classroom use
Chaperoned students on field trips outside of the classroom