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Taiwan Classifieds >SPECIAL REPORT > Fengjia Night Market

Most Famous and Biggest Night Market in Central Taiwan

‧Fengjia Night Market
‧Address +<Map>
Fengjia Rd., Xitun Diatrict, Taichung City
886-4-2228-9111 ext.1651~1652
‧Opening Hours

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About Fengjia Night Market

Fengjia night market is located in the Xitun area in Taichung, next to Fengjia University.

Stores in Fengjia night market were mainly developed along Wen-hua road, Fengjia road, Fushin road, then expanding to those small alleys nearby. Also, it is said that there are nearly 400 stores; hence, Fengjia night market attracts many people to visit on holidays.

Wen-hua road was built a long time ago. It was first developed in Fengjia. So, it is the most hustle and bustle street .Consumers could have fun here because more and more hotels and stores were built.

Furthermore, the flagship store area were newly established includes all kinds of entertainments. There are more than one hundred and sixty stalls divided into A, B, C, D, E, and F areas. Each area has its characteristic. For example, the area of boutiques has a variety of clothes and dolls. The area of snacks has Japanese octopus meat ball, charbroil pepper breads, crepes, and cactus ice cream .It is guaranteed that tourists can have so much fun here!

*The best time to play in Fengjia night market: 5:00pm - 2:00am*


What's Special

‧Innovative snacks‧
A visitor’s first impression of the Feng Chia Night Market is that there are so many different Taiwanese snacks to choose from. Traditional Taiwanese snacks such as oyster omelet, stinky tofu, tempura, or meatballs are not the most popular snacks sold in the market. Food items that show a fusion of flavors are often the bestsellers.

‧Duck meat sandwich‧
Roasted Peking duck is a not-to-be-missed dish for travelers in China or Taiwan. If you are traveling alone on a shoestring budget, come to Feng Chia Night Market to try a “mini” version of the dish for only NT$40 per order. Vendors have this idea of serving sliced roasted duck meat in a steamed, traditional Taiwanese bun. The meat, the pickled mustard-green, green onions, and the sweet sauce that goes with Peking duck, are put inside a steamed bun. Get a big bite of the snack and discover the rich, velvety texture of the best take-away food in the night market.

Traffic Info.

By Car
1) Freeway 1 → Exit at the Taichung Interchange → Sce. 3, Taichung Port Rd. → Sec. 3, Liming Rd. → Shang-an Rd. → Fengjia Rd.

2) Freeway 3 → Exit at the Shalu Interchange → Prov. Hwy 10 → Prov. Hwy 1B → County Hwy 127 → Fuxing N. Rd. → Funxing Rd. → Fengjia Rd.

By Bus
Take the train to Taichung Railway Station, continue by Bus No. 25 or 35 to Feng Chia University stop.

Photos from here.