Show me your Taiwan

The couple teachers from USA - Interview
The teaching and living in Taiwan
Thanks for photos provided by the lovely couple

Still out and having fun...

Now that is just too much fun! Sorry mom

This is an odd pic, does not look right

.... a lot of fun...

Look at all of the scooters!!

The temple

Minnie, my pixie with moxie

Sean Lu...he is my little old cute!!

This man was brushing his teeth, while selling insence outside the temple.

Time for the University trip...we are stylin aren't we!!

One loca temple through the van window

Our driver, "Uncle" He talks a lot but we have no idea what he is saying.

Kenvin - "Im ready!"

Our driver, "Uncle" He talks a lot but we have no idea what he is saying.

My babies!!

I have no idea what I was doing???

This is the beach???!!!

This is the trash buring place, on the beach.

Taiwan flag

A typical Chinese boat. I think this one is carrying vegatable

A local vendor selling hotdogs? We think

Now that is a smile...Yikes!

A mirror image of Galveston beach

The newlyweds at the beach?

This is a flying machine, with a fan

All kinds of games and food, no rides though

This is a normal scene. I laugh every time

The new fruit stand I found today, close to home!!

Dragon fruit, weird. Not sure if I have eaten it? I may never know

Look like nuts, but they are a fruit. Peal and eat. They are okay. No idea what their name is.

The veggie stand right next to the fruit stand. I am soooo happy now!

He just ordered a jalapeno burger and is HAPPY!!

TGI Friday's

Our students eating lunch.

My very small classroom.

"Under the Sea" the monthly school theme

The chairs are SO SMALL!

My not so cluttered desk.

Michael preparing for the morning classes.

...still working...

Michaels class.

Michaels room.

The view from my class room, so lovely.

Snack time.

The local wildlife, and I do mean wild. These two fight all the time.

Home at last, but still working...always.

August Valentines Day!

Look Momma! Food!

Michael modeling our school shirt. So stylish isnt it

The post office, among many other things, in front of our ally

You can haul anything with a scooter!

Dora, should be in Michael's class, but knows too little English. However she is way ahead of my other students

Kevin, the builder!! Lovest to stack and put things together. He HATES to color, which we do alot of.

Michalels kids and their letter H

The school b day Party, every month. I was the host this month...Can yousay BINGO in Chinese??

The Alamo. The only Mexican resturant in HsinChun. Going to try this week.

Michael liked this picture, such a Texas boy!

Look at my BIG salad!

We will look forward to your interesting and touching photos especially recording your life in Taiwan or in your sweet homeland! Mail us