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Jiu Fen North
One Day Trip

Yehliu → Keelung Seafood → JinFen → Jingua Stone →Return

By Car:
Sun Yat-sen Freeway
->leave at Jinshan/Badu interchange ->
Provincial Highway No.2 (in the direction of Jinshan) ->
->Provincial Highway No.2 (in the direction of Keelung) ->
turn right on Country Road No. 162 ->
Seafood for lunch ( the place is right across the street in front of MacDonald is the best and the cheapest) ->
Country Road No. 162 (in the direction to JinFen) ->JinFen ->
Stone ->Return home

The North Coast scenic area stretches along a winding shore of jutting promontories and hidden coves. This region boasts some of Taiwan ’s most varied landforms, from steeply rising cliffs to sea-eroded rock platforms.
There are also spectacular coastal rock formations formed from the magna of the Datun volcanic range and sedimentary rock.
The northern port city of Keelung is ensconced in high hills o­n all but the north sea-facing side. This rainy city is a major entrepot for Taiwan 's seafood trade, and the fish markets here overflow with an amazing ocean harvest. The most bustling of the fish markets is in Bisha , where merchants and buyers busily call out bids for the day's catch.

Perched o­n a hillside in Keelung, Jioufen is a former mining town that has more recently struck gold in tourism. This is a good place to discover old Taiwan , with its narrow winding streets and traditional snacks. There are also dozens of teashops to enjoy tea and the view.
Jinguashih built its fortunes o­n gold discovered here in the late 19th century. The mines are no longer operating, but the town has enjoyed a resurgence as a center of mining culture with the opening of the Gold Ecological Park. Visitors can also explore old mines here

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You did!!!, For the past six years, I came, I saw, and fell in love with the country. I’ve cross the sea just to came to you for work, but when years past staying, I saw your beauty and fell in love with it. Just imagine how perfect it is that nature and modern civilization co-exist. I’ve seen Taichung in which the city consist of industrial and mother nature blend in each other in one place. I’ve always enjoy riding the train, because I can see the beauty of Taiwan of her country side. Riding the train in Taiwan is just like riding the time machine, because sometimes the train pass thru the place where I can see all the surroundings looks like in the ancient times, where the mountains, the trees is so thick you can just appreciate how the locals love their nature, and then an hour past I can see the modern cities just adjuscent to the farming communities of the town. And the most beauty of all when riding the train is fast and very much affordable. I feel in love to it, because in my everyday life in Taiwan, as a foreign worker working in the factory, I’ve enjoy talking to a local, learning their customs, food and language. I don’t have any formal teaching particularly in English, but I’ve always enjoy teaching English to a local Taiwanese so we can understand each other, as well as them teaching me to speak mandarin. Generally speaking we learn from each other’s by sharing our local language. Teaching English in a country like Taiwan is very challenging. English is a very complicated language to teach because of it may cause a double meaning and misunderstanding to the person you are trying to talk, that the delivery of speech of the speaker should come with intonation and some facial expressions for them to be understand. That’s why I found out that is better to teach English if the teacher can speak a little local language of the student so they can can understand fast what the teacher is teaching. And in my experience teaching and learning to my colleages is, teaching and sharing informations or language to each other is, hand signal and face gesture is a powerfull tools of teaching a language. Better yet, Sooner, Taiwan will be one of the English speaking country in Asia, because on how the Taiwanese people have the interest to learn and speak English, and they want to learn it from the top of the line English Teachers. To all of my local friends in Taiwan, It’s been a pleasure working with you.

Thank you

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