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To whom this letter concerns,

       With regards to Dewey International; I found their recruiting staff to work exceptionally well with its newly recruited teaching staff. The employees with which I had direct contact with; were very accommodating and willing to take the extra steps needed to satisfy a teacher’s requests. 
It has been my first experience with Dewey; and I must admit I was highly skeptical working with any foreign overseas recruiting company. Although one must take the chance if they expect to teach abroad in any nation. It is with honesty and integrity that I recommend Dewey International as a trustworthy and reliable recruiting company to work with.

        It would be a logical and less stressful experience if you choose a company who has your best interests in mind; like Dewey. I look forward to signing on a new contract with Dewey sometime in the future and teach in Taiwan once again.

Best regards,

Gerardo Font
Foreign Language teacher,
HaiDong Elementary
Tainan, Taiwan



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