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It is an honor to recommend Mavis from Dewey Consulting as a recruiter for her excellent work ethic, attention to detail, and great friendliness. I contacted Mavis in May of 2013 because her name was repeatedly brought up and recommended on various professional teaching websites. I had tried numerous well-known agencies to find a teaching position in Taiwan that suited my preferences, but I found that only Mavis was genuinely interested in my needs as a teacher and a visitor in a foreign country. She quickly and effectively provided me with several highly regarded institutions while ensuring that I had a smooth transition into my new life in Taiwan.

Through email, phone calls, and instant messaging around the clock, Mavis has always maintained great communication with me, particularly during the entire process of obtaining my teaching position. In fact, she continues to send me helpful information on professional development opportunities and unique cultural events. Despite her busy schedule, Mavis still manages to stay in touch with my employer, my landlord, and myself to make sure that I am completely satisfied with my teaching and personal life.

One of the many impressive attributes of Mavis as a recruiter is how she skillfully expedited the otherwise lengthy and complicated visa and work/residence permit acquisition process. In only a couple of weeks and with very little effort on my behalf she was able to legally and completely obtain my teaching and residence documents.

It is truly a pleasure to recommend Mavis for her integrity, spirit of service to all teachers, and tireless work ethic. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or for a more detailed character reference of my wonderful recruiter and friend, Mavis.


Gabriel Molina
English Teacher



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