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I recently moved back to Taiwan from the United States and was eagerly arranging interviews with cram schools around Taipei City. I had a few contacts I was speaking with through Facebook groups, but I just was not finding what I was looking for.
In 2010, I taught English here, and it occurred to me that I should ask Dewey- Linda once again for her assistance, as she had been quite helpful with arranging interviews for full time positions previously. After interviewing for a week or so I finally found a position that suited me. Linda helped me find a school I really like and the kids are the best!
If you are thinking of making the move to Taiwan to experience an amazing culture the first person you should contact is Linda because she is great and knows how to match the right teachers with the right schools. Thanks again Linda.
Ethan P. Snair

我最近從美國搬到台灣,很努力的尋找台北市補習班的職缺。我試過聯絡Facebook group但是一直沒有找到好的職缺。我聯絡上杜威的Linda,她一直都非常的積極熱心幫忙安排面試。面試後一個星期左右,我終於找到了適合我的ESL Job。Linda幫我找到一所我很喜歡的學校!如果你正在考慮到台灣體驗豐富的文化,尋找補習班的職缺,你就一定要聯繫杜威的Linda。因為她非常細心和良好的服務態度,懂得如何幫老師找到合適學校。再次感謝Linda的幫忙。

外師Ethan P. Snair



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