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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to respectfully recommend Dewey as a foreign teacher recruiting agency. This agency works very hard to ensure their foreign teacher’s health, happiness, and finical wellbeing.

Arriving to a new country very far away from home is stressful. The agents working for Dewey take extra measures to ensure this transition process is less stressful. My agents Wade and Jeff checked in with me frequently to make sure I was settling in and things were going well for me. Wade took me my first day in country to exchange my money and buy things I would need. Wade also took me to set up my account so I could receive my first pay check. The lengths the Dewey agents go to help us is amazing. I mention these things because other teacher friends of mine were not as fortunate when it came to their agency and agents.

My agents ensure I am being treated fairly at school and everything is going the way the school has promised. I am thankful I trusted Dewey and decided to use them as a means to find a job here in Taiwan. I would recommend this agency for any teacher looking to come and teach in Taiwan. Wade and Jeff have made the difficult times foreign teachers face coming to a new country less stressful and for that I am truly blessed and thankful.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Cynthia L. Carr MAEd



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