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To Whom it May Concern:

I'd highly recommend Dewey agency to help you find an English Teaching Job in Taiwan.  Initially they provided me with a few great options for teaching in Taiwan, jobs with good salaries, challenges and conditions.  When I got the job, David was most helpful in helping me to find accommodation in the area - taking me to see a few places on a Saturday and having lunch at Keelung harbour together!  My other agent, Wade, was also efficient in getting visas and doing paperwork, and again he took us out for lunch in Keelung too.  Wade is also a great mediator between myself and my landlord.  He is most helpful in making sure I am OK in the job, and in following up on how things are going.  He also provides lots of support behind the scenes if I have any questions or things I want to improve or just someone to talk to.  I am also able to call him if I just need help to navigate my way around my local area or Taiwan (e.g. for restaurants, art supplies, beauty salons).

Clare McLoghin



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