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To whom it may concern:

I came to Taiwan from South Africa just over 6 months ago and am enjoying my time here immensely. Hsinchu City is very welcoming and I feel like I could contribute a great deal towards the teaching sector during my stay here as well as enrich my life experiences. Part of this positive experience is thanks to Mavis. Working at Dewey International Education Consultants Ltd. she has helped me a lot in the process of acquiring a job at one of the government schools in Hsinchu. Although there was a ton of paperwork to be done which caused me a great amount of stress, Mavis seemed to take a personal interest to see that I didn’t worry so much that it would spoil my time here and my first Christmas away from home. She sent me regular emails to “check up” on how things were going with me and replied with positive feedback and words of encouragement. I appreciated this a lot as it was comforting to know that someone cared about my well-being. Mavis does more that the mere tasks she’s assigned to and makes the extra effort to make her “clients” feel valued and at ease.

Thank you Mavis!
Kind regards,



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