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To Whom it May Concern:

Linda has been acting as my recruitment agent since my arrival here in Taiwan. Being fresh off the boat in 2010 with no teaching experience, I found it very difficult to find work independently until I got in touch with Linda. Not only was she sympathetic to me, she was very professional with her approach and prompt with her communication. Within 7 days of contact with Linda, I not only had three interviews, but was signing a contract and hired for the job.
Even after be hired, Linda gave me continuous support towards the ARC process, organized transportation, and flights. Linda has been an effective person and a great asset to me.
I don't speak or write in Mandarin so therefore, it was paramount that I had an agent who's ability to converse effectively in English was of a high standard. Job hunting can be a stressful time, and so I needed to be able to communicate freely with my agent and Linda proved just that.
I would highly recommend Linda to any school organization who are recruiting teachers. And furthermore, to those independent English teachers who are seeking employment.
If you would like any additional information about Linda, please call me on 0979430919.


Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts, UK.
(A happy English Teacher working in Taiwan)




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