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Learning Chinese

If you are interested in Learning Chinese, there are 4 different ways:

a. University programs
b. Non-university programs
c. Language exchange
d. Study by yourself with books and tapes

The teaching materials used are basically the same. The only difference is the status of your visa.

Applying for chinese courses

a. University programs

In a university program, you can apply for a student visa after four 4 months of studying. With a student visa, you will be allowed to stay in Taiwan indefinitely as long as you continue studying.

Find the Chinese programs here:

Chinese Language Centers in Universities

Center for Chinese Language and Culture Studies - Mandarin Training Center, National Taiwan Normal University

Center of International Education & Exchange - National Chengchi University

College of Continuing Education, Chinese Language Program - Tamkang University

Mandarin Learning Center - Chinese Culture University

International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) - National Taiwan University

Language Center - Fu Jen Catholic University

Chinese Language Instruction Center - Fo Guang College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Language Center - National Central University

Mandarin Studies and Culture Center - Ming Chuan University

Language Center, Chinese Division - Feng Chia University

Chinese Language Center - Tung Hai University

Mandarin Studies and Culture Center - Providence University

College of Liberal Arts, Chinese Language Center - National Cheng Kung University

Chinese Language Center - National Sun Yet-Sun University

Center of Chinese Language - Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages

Chinese Language Teaching Center - Tsu Chi University

Live Service - Qeustion about learning in Taiwan

Hours are available
in Taiwan's time from 0900~1730.
Other hours maybe arrange by appointments.

b. Non-university programs

In a non-university program, you will still be able to obtain a student visa.

c. Language Exchange

This is more flexible, and not formal study. your language exchange partner teaches you Chinese for free, and you teach him/her English, or another language.

d. Study by your self with books and tapes

If you been study Chinese before, and you feel that you can study more by your self, you can just buy a books and types, you can choose different level, from basic, middle and advanced level, study by your self will be more difficult if you only have very basic Chinese level.

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