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Welcome to Be Multiple Language Instructors/Tutors in Taiwan!

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Job Code TE6861
Job Type Full Time
School Type Tutor - ESL
Job location NULL, Taiwan
Starting 11 / 2011
Salary / Month
Teaching Hour Hours / Week
  Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Certificates Requirement No
Qualified teacher certificate recognized by the government No
Job Information


Dear Instructors/Teachers:
     We are now recruiting qualified online instructors/tutors with full passion and experience in education, who are located in Taiwan and are both familiar with and capable of teaching English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish to the students/learners interestingly and professionally.          
    If you opt to teach online, you don’t have to take any transportation or drive any vehicles to commute to teach students in any schools. On the contrary, you can just stay at home preparing your lesson plan without worrying whether rush hours or traffic jams take place outside or it rains or shines but only make sure you are fairly able to use the computer and internet to give lessons via Skype with a webcam and a microphone/headset, which makes you create a unique comfortable working environment on your own.
     If you suppose that you are tired of regular routine education mode, why don’t you give it another try to work as a home base teacher?
     Please reach Adrian via adrian@de-wey.com.tw or ahohemail@gmail.com attaching your recent photo and updated resume for a formal job application and a specific explanation of cooperation!
     We can help you look for as many as active learners, meanwhile you can teach and interact as enjoyably and freely as possible with your own teaching style and materials.
 ***In addition, face-to-face tutorial class (one-on-one or more) will be available as well (but limited in Taiwan only).
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Sincerely yours,
04-37042882 Ext: 13
Skype: dewey-212
Employer's Information
School's Name Country Contact Email
ESL Adrian Taiwan Adrian Wu adrian@de-wey.com.tw
TEL Fax Address
886-4-23813698 #231 None (Tung Chien Building)1 4F-1,No. 666,Wu Chuan West Rd. Sec.2, Nantun District,Taichung City,408 Taiwan ROC

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