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Alert!!! 20000- 25000RMB/month AP History teachers Needed in Beijing

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Job Code LS41998
Job Type Full Time
School Type Language School
Job location Beijing, China
Starting 08 / 2018
Salary CNY 20000 / Month
Teaching Hour Hours / Week
  Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Certificates Requirement Yes
Qualified teacher certificate recognized by the government Yes
Job Information

To Apply visit this link: http://cips.io/8f316c

Alert!!! 20000- 25000 RMB/month AP History teachers Needed in Beijing

Job Description:

Teaching AP History to Chinese high school students& nbsp;

Assigning appropriate homework and correcting h omewor k on time.

Developing and using suitab le supplementary materials as necessary.

Using audio/video materials in clas ses as necessary.

Supervising students and monitoring student's learning progress.

Adjusting and differentiating instruction to meet the learn ing needs of students.

Preparing and marking examinations.

Participating in related teaching activ ities or ganized by CHE ER and WLSA.


Full-Time, with full-time em ployment

Starting from

The end of August 2018


Native Speaker

Minimum two-years experience teaching AP History ( World History, European History or Ameri can History) to high school students& nbsp;

Bachelor’s degree or above

TESOL, CELTA, or TEFL certificate with practicum or teaching license / certifications

Dedication to student; Centered learning and growt h; Enthusiasm and interest in developing as a teacher

Ability to work well on a team with others

Ability to differentiate implementation of cur riculum


The salary is competitive and to be negotiated, based on education background, teaching and administrative experienc e, workload etc.

Free breakfast and lunch,

Winter and summer paid vacation.

Reimburse related expenses of visa application

Working permit and Expert license

10 K flight ticket per year

10 K regional allowance ( only for teachers who work in Beijing)

Please contact us for more details

Email: connectbeijing@126.com

Salary: 20000 CNY to 25000 CNY Monthly
Contract type: Full time
Work visa provided: Yes
Work Location: Beijing

- Teaching experience
- TEFL Certificate or Higher
- Degree in any field
- Passport holders

Apply online via this link:

Employer's Information
School's Name Country Contact Email
Teaching China China Teaching China apply@teachingchina.net
TEL Fax Address
8602085218502 None None

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