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TW Private and Public Schools Teaching Program

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Job Code RS41734
Job Type Full Time
School Type Regular School
Job location Hsinchu, Taiwan
Starting Aug. / 2018
Salary TWD 100000 / Month
Teaching Hour Hours / Week
  Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Certificates Requirement Yes
Qualified teacher certificate recognized by the government Yes
Job Information

TW Private and Public Schools Teaching Program

1. School City: Hsinchu County (ASAP) (one year renewable)
Compensation: start from NT$ 62,000 to 77,000 per month
Age group: G1-6 & G6-12
ESL Vacancies: 3

2. School City: Matsu
Compensation: start from NT$ 62,000 to 76,000 per month
Age group: G1-6
ESL Vacancies: 4

2. School City: Tianzhong Township, Changhua County (ASAP) (one year renewable)
Compensation: start from NT$ 62,720 to 73,025 per month
Age group: G1-6
ESL Vacancy: 1
1. School Cities:
Wenshan District, Taipei City (August 2018) (1yr renewable)
TWD 70,000- 100,000/month
Age group: G1-9
Vacancies: 3 Vice homeroom teachers and 2 ESL teacher

2. School City:
Keelung and New Taipei City
Contract term: August 1st, 2018 to July 31 2019
68,000 – 87,000 NTD/month
Age group: G1-6

ESL Vacancy: 1

House reimbursement
(NT$5,000 for a single teacher)
(NT$10,000 for a teacher with a spouse/lineal relative(s) by blood per month)

Airfare reimbursement
NT$ 80,000 round-way (spouse or one (1) lineal blood relative will be reimbursed if coming with the teacher within 3 months)


Labor and health insurance
Work permit & ARC
Name: Michael Yang
Email: michaelfrancoise04@gmail.com

Employer's Information
School's Name Country Contact Email
Dewey International Taiwan Michael Yang recruit05@mail.hiabc.net
TEL Fax Address
+886-4-2381 +886-4-2381+3705 TW

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Hsinchu County

Locational Features

  • Lies in northwest Formosa-the beautiful island of Taiwan .
  • The population is mainly Hakka.
  • Located on the alluvial plain between Fengshan River and Touchien River
  • Besides Fengshan Mountain, Chutung Hill and Chunan Hill.
  • Hsinchu Industrial Park was developed in two stages in this country.

Leisure & Recreations
The Holy Mountain Lei Tea - Peipu Township Beipu Cold Spring

Information and Photo Source:



National Highways :
There are two national highways run across Hsinchu county . The Sun Yat-Sen Expressway, which passes through Hukou and Chupei, with an exit next to the Hsinchu Industrial park, the other one is the Northern Expressway No. 2, which passes through Kuanhsi, Chiunglin, Chutung, with exits in Kuanhsi and Chiunglin. Furthermore the construction of a new highway exit in Hsinchu city is already completed plus another exit at the Science Park is newly in use now. The transport network makes the connection between Hsinchu county and the city a lot more convenient.

Apart from the north-south railway which pass through Hukou, Chupei and the western part of the county, there is also the Neiwan branch line, which pass through Chutung and Henshan from Hsinchu city, is of great help in economic development and transportation of goods from the forest and coal fields. Provincial Roads : There are four north-south provincial roads in the county :Provincial Route 15,Provincial Route1, the West Coast Driveway and Provincial Route 3.Provincial Route 15 basically links Hsinfeng and Chupei in the west coast; Provincial Route 1 is a north-south branch road in the western section which starts from Hukou Changan in the north, passes the boundary of Hukou and Hsinfeng, to the center of Chupei city and reaches Hsinchu city. The West Coast Driveway was built along the western coast line in the last few years. Provincial Route 3, also known as the Chunfeng Highway, is approx. 43 kilometers, pass though Kuanhsi, Hengshan, Chutung, Paipu and Ermei to Miaoil.

County Roads:
There are six county roads. Route118 is the major road that connects the east and the west. The direction towards east reaches Kuanhsi, gets to Chupei Hsinchuangtzu at the west, and links the old harbor at Hsinchu city. For the north-south direction, there is the Route 117 which starts from Hsinfeng and Hukou, joins Route 120 in Chupei, meets up with Route122 to reach Wufeng Kuangwu.

The East-West Driveway:
The East-West Driveway starts from Hsinchu Nanliau, passes through Chutung and links with Provincial Route 3 is already completed. It solved the previous traffic problems at the Science Park area that makes transportation more convenient in Hsinchu.