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Job Code CP39024
Job Type Part Time
School Type Corporation Position
Job location Taipei City, Taiwan
Starting 9 / 2018
Salary NTD 600-700 / Hour
Teaching Hour 10 Hours / Week
  Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Certificates Requirement No
Qualified teacher certificate recognized by the government No
Job Information

 Teaching Approaches

For local companies to expand, and to help teach the vast majority of Taiwanese adult ESL students Western methodologies and practices, we defined four key skills and elements of global talents:


1. Language Accuracy


Taiwanese students excel at pure memorization from complex formulas to intensive vocabularies, but they lack the correct practices of choosing the right word in different scenarios. Language accuracy shows competency, and to communicate well, it often comes down to understanding the small nitty-gritty differences between words with the "same" definition such as goal vs target, bias vs discrimination, decline vs turn down, and hobby vs interest. It is extremely crucial for students to voice themselves correctly.  


2. Worldwide News


We can argue that international media is almost nonexistent in Taiwan. This is a huge blow for Taiwanese businessmen as they tend to be in lost for words due to the lack of exposure, so gaining a wider scope is a valuable part of a communication tool kit. How they give opinions for instance in the investment of Foxconn in Wisconsin in English might be a challenge that they usually need to work on.


3. Snapshot: Global Etiquette (No manner mistakes)


Traveling to a foreign destination for business can already be daunting, particularly when it comes to social mores and cultural dos and don'ts. Getting the lowdown on customs, practices, and habits is crucial towards communicating with foreigners. To lower the chances of making cultural faux pas, we must learn how to dodge touchy issues - political, age, and/or religion - when mingling with others. For example, we’re not supposed to mention our religion in dinner talk. It is good to always be observant of different countries' etiquettes. 


4. Pitch Yourself


Being globalized doesn’t mean to be westernized, but it is time to cultivate a new standard, to learn how to market your own brand to the world. This is one of the biggest ways to add more value towards a company and to yourself. 



We specialize in cultivating students towards their needs, inspiring growth and self-development, empowering them with new abilities and guiding them in broaden their horizons. We’re helping you to get more opportunities and better achievement.

Employer's Information
School's Name Country Contact Email
Easee Globe (EG) Taiwan Johnny Q egteach@easeeglobe.com
TEL Fax Address
+8862 2397 9105 None 台北市大安區金山南路二段146號3樓

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Taipei City Locational Features
    Located in the Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan Bordered by the Xindian River on the south, and the Tamsui River on the west. The northern districts of Shilin and Beitou extend north of the Keelung River and are bordered by Yangmingshan National Park .
  • The average annual temperature is 23.6°C (74.5XF), with a summer average of 29.4°C (84.9XF) and a winter average of 14.9°C (58.8XF).
  • As the capital of Taiwan, Taipei has been at the centre of rapid economic development in the country.
  • High industrial production to provide a large number of employment opportunities

Leisure & Recreation
Taipei Arena
CKS Memorial Hall

Shilin Night Market Longshan Temple

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    Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
    Taipei Songshan Airport
  • Bus
    Taiwan Tour Bus
  • MRT
    Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail
    Taiwan High Speed Rail