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English Consultant

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Job Code CP36675
Job Type Full Time
School Type Corporation Position
Job location Taipei, Taiwan
Starting Apr. / 2017
Salary NTD 55000~65000 / Month
Teaching Hour Hours / Week
  Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Certificates Requirement No
Qualified teacher certificate recognized by the government No
Job Information

Educational Consultant

We need experienced, creative, and motivated professionals to become part of our new team. We need people who can see the big picture, multitask, understand, and be sensitive to cultural differences, as well as be a real team player. Teachers with 5+ years of experience will be short-listed for this hiring.

Work permit and ARC will be provided.


Job description:

l   For advising, editing and proofreading

1.      Educational consultants may have a variety of roles or responsibilities, including helping to develop products for children from age 5 to 12, advising, lesson plan creation, as well as helping with program assessment and evaluating the program effectiveness and making changes as needed.

2.      Meetings held regularly for progress reporting.

3.      Teaching content discussion with other educational consultants is needed.


l   For hiring,  training and teaching

1.      Meetings with our English teachers and consultants when needed

2.      Assisting in testing the online teaching system

3.      Content planning for teacher training workshops

4.      Hosting teacher training workshops for our new English teachers and consultants

5.      Hiring online tutors  from the USA and Canada

Please send a resume, recent photo, and passport scan to:


Employer's Information
School's Name Country Contact Email
京晨科技股份有限公司 Taiwan Cindy Chou cindy_chou@nuuo.com
TEL Fax Address
02-77392260#1516 None None

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Taipei County

Locational Features

  • Located in northern Taiwan and encircles Taipei City .
  • It is South of Keelung , north of Taoyuan County and west of Yilan .
  • Basically an extension of Taipei City and has a population of about 3,500,000.
  • Famous for its northern coast.

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