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Support Associate

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Job Code CP34133
Job Type Full Time
School Type Corporation Position
Job location Taipei City, Taiwan
Starting Feb. / 2016
Salary NTD $70,000 NTD~100,000 / month, negotiable. / Month
Teaching Hour Hours / Week
  Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Certificates Requirement Yes
Qualified teacher certificate recognized by the government No
Job Information





You will be in charge of supporting our base of over 1,900 schools in 120 countries as a Support Associate forManageBac.

What you’ll learn in the first 30 - 45 days

  • The nuts and bolts of ManageBac as a SaaS business.
  • The role of support as sales and why good customer experiences matter.
  • The context and workflows of IB world schools and how to best support them.


Key responsibilities

  • Running telephone and e-mail support operations.
  • Ensuring that our quality of service (e.g. support request times and resolutions) are maintained at levels of excellence.
  • Making customers happy (this requires grace under pressure, especially when you’re dealing with a challenging customer that has urgent demands and time pressure).
  • Providing Quality Assurance (QA) testing for new feature deploys.
  • Devising ways to improve our Help and support materials.


A Normal Week

Over the course of a normal week, you would have:

  • Responded to 150-300 support emails.
  • Talked with 20-30 schools by phone.
  • Setup 5-10 school accounts.
  • Conducted 5-10 online trainings.
  • Updated 1-2 help tutorials.
  • Relayed several bugs or feature requests as a result of feedback from schools.


Career Path

There are a variety of career paths open to you, depending on skill level and interest:

  • Advanced customer support: Organizing next-level customer success through new documentation, training programmes, and events
  • Sales & marketing: Organizing marketing campaigns and taking responsibility for incremental sales growth
  • New Products: Moving vertically to support the launch of new products
  • Management: Learning the nuts and bolts of SaaS business management and moving to a directorship with P&L responsibility


Does this describe you?

  • High energy and outgoing
  • Fast learner
  • Excellent writer
  • Clear and engaging presentation skills


Anticipate 20-30% travel, though it may be more or less depending on personal preference.


$100k NTD / month together with ARC and work permit

Beautiful office space in central Taipei with best-in-class Apple equipment


Please send CV to job@faria.co or apply here: http://faria.co/jobs 




Employer's Information
School's Name Country Contact Email
Faria Systems Inc. Taiwan Betty Cheng hiring@managebac.com
TEL Fax Address
+886-2-27116697 None 2F, No. 3, Lane 27, Ren Ai Road, Sec. 4, Taipei, Taiwan

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Taipei City Locational Features
    Located in the Taipei Basin in northern Taiwan Bordered by the Xindian River on the south, and the Tamsui River on the west. The northern districts of Shilin and Beitou extend north of the Keelung River and are bordered by Yangmingshan National Park .
  • The average annual temperature is 23.6°C (74.5XF), with a summer average of 29.4°C (84.9XF) and a winter average of 14.9°C (58.8XF).
  • As the capital of Taiwan, Taipei has been at the centre of rapid economic development in the country.
  • High industrial production to provide a large number of employment opportunities

Leisure & Recreation
Taipei Arena
CKS Memorial Hall

Shilin Night Market Longshan Temple

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  • Airline
    Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
    Taipei Songshan Airport
  • Bus
    Taiwan Tour Bus
  • MRT
    Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail
    Taiwan High Speed Rail