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General Information about Taiwan

a. Money
b. Credit cards
c. Electrical current
d. Clothing
e. Health

f. Weather
g. Telephone line
h. Cable TV
i. Internet
j. Mobile phone

About Taiwan

Teaching in Asia has become a growing opportunity for native speakers of English to make a living and experience different cultures at the same time. Among Asian countries, Taiwan attracts English teachers by it's competitive salary, modernization and the opportunity of learning Chinese.

Tradition - We share and preserve the legacies from the ancient Chinese culture – Temples, Dragon & Lion Dance, Kong-Fu, Tai-Chi, and so on can all be found in Taiwan!

Modern - Taiwan is very civilized and developed. We have Metro Rapid Transit (MRT), highways, and lots of modern facilities. Being highly computerized, Taiwan has earned the title “Island of Technology”. Broadband Internet access is very common here, and the Wireless Internet technology will soon be a trend! Taiwan is also one of the major contributors of laptops, chips, and other computer accessories.

Chinese - Chinese is our official language, hence it is a good opportunity to blend yourself into the Chinese speaking environment. Universities, colleges and private schools also provide professional Chinese language courses.

Western friendly - Western restaurants with English menu can be found in any city! Our society strives to establish an English friendly environment. Bilingual instructions and signs can be found in public services!

Nightlife - Taiwan is such a prosper country and the nightlife is so common here!

Higher Salary - Foreign English teachers in Taiwan earn competitive salary compared with other Asian countries.

Higher Socio-cultural Status - Our culture always respects the teacher!

Transportation - It is very easy to travel from place-to-place! Public transportation is quite popular in any cities and towns!

Geographic Beauty - Taiwan has 6 national parks and many national scenic areas! You will have places to visit around the island.

Democracy - Taiwan elects every official through the head of neighborhood to the President. The citizens enjoy basic rights including free speech.

Delicious Foods - Taiwanese dishes and snacks, such as pearl milk tea, are so well-known! If you haven't tasted our food, don't say you have been to Taiwan!

a. Money

The official unit of currency is the NEW TAIWAN DOLLAR (NTD$), or TAIWAN DOLLAR (TWD$). For the exchange rate, about one US DOLLAR per 32 NEW TAIWAN DOLLARS.

Please refer to <http://finance.yahoo.com/currency?u> for current info.

Coins come in denominations of NT$ 1, NT$ 5, NT$ 10, NT$ 20 (rare) and NT$ 50. Notes come in denominations of NT$ 100, NT$ 200, NT$ 500, NT$ 1,000 and NT$ 2,000.

Banking hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and Saturday only open from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

US dollars and other foreign currency are not generally accepted in shops.

It is advisable to have your foreign currency exchanged to NEW TAIWAN DOLLARS the moment you arrive at the airport. Your foreign ATM card may or may not work in Taiwan. Please check with your bank beforehand.

b. Credit Cards

International credit cards are accepted in hotels, supermarkets, department stores and most upscale restaurants. Even with a work permit and ARC, foreigners cannot apply for local credit cards. We have heard that foreigners can apply for a credit card in Taiwan if he/she can get a local Taiwanese to act as a guarantor. Considering this, nobody is naive enough accept this kind of responsibility.

c. Electrical Current

110 volts, 60Hz cycles, AC (Two prong outlets)

d. Clothing

Washable light-weight cotton is appropriate most of the year. Lightweight woolens and a coat are needed for the winter. Formal wear is usual at dinner and at the theatre.

e. Health

A vaccination certificate for cholera or yellow fever is required if arriving from or via an infected area. Precautions against typhoid and polio are recommended.

It is advisable to get a shot against Hepatitis.

f. Weather

The seasons in Taiwan are actually not very much differentiated. The climate can be described as having only summer and winter during the year. The summer climate starts from February to October and the temperature can be as high as 35 degrees during the daytime or as low as 23 degrees during the nighttime. Northern Taiwan is generally more humid while the south is warmer and dryer.

Take a look at our Central Weather Bureau to know the current weather!


g. Telephone Line

When applying for a local telephone line, you will need an ARC (Alien Resident Certificate). The installation fee is NT$ 3,000 and you will have to pay a refundable deposit of NT$ 1,000. Monthly phone bills can be paid in any convenience store. Like utility bills, it is essential that you pay them on time. Paying overdue bills will be very fiddly. You will have to travel to the phone company’s representative office to apply clear your account.

h. Cable TV

Applying for cable TV is relatively easy. cable companies charge an installation fee of around NT$ 2,000. Monthly fee is NT$ 500 to NT$ 600. they will send you a bill every month or every 6 months.

i. Internet

There are different rates for Internet access. ADSL is the most expensive. You will need to pay installation fees and monthly fees. For dial-up Internet access, you will need a telephone line and pay a fixed monthly fee plus usage. Pre-paid Internet access cards can be bought in most convenience stores. Most teachers just use the computer in their schools or Internet cafes.

j. Mobile Phone

Getting a mobile phone would be more practical. Second hand mobile phones cost between NT$ 500 to NT$ 2,000 each. Most foreigners purchase pre-paid mobile phone cards as registration and deposits are not required. Pre-paid phone kits costs NT$ 1,000. In the kit, you will get a SIM card to install in your mobile phone. The kit is also preloaded with NT$ 300 to NT$ 500 worth of calls. You can charge your phone with more call units by purchasing more pre-paid cards in any convenience store.


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