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Paid Service

Three types of paid services you can get from ESLDewey.com

  1. Plan A - Hot Job Listings
  2. Plan B - Teachers' Contact Info
  3. Plan C - Homepage Banner Ads

Others - If you have any other plans for us to cooperate with you, please contact us at cs@esldewey.com.tw

Plan A - Hot Job Listings

A paid listings on the top of all job listings distinguished from free job listings and it also appears on ESLDewey homepage.

What's the effect?
"Hot Job Listings" makes your opeinings more visible on ESLDewey.com

Term of service
30 days

Service rate
NT$ 900 for one posting

You can get
5 teachers' contact info for free (no time limit)

Ad. Fee

How to proceed


Plan B - Teachers' Contact Info

Tired of waiting emails? The applicants is not what you are looking for?

Check all the potential teachers on ESLDewey and contact the qualified one by yourself.

What's the effect?
Save your time on seeking the right teacher and get direct contact with the teachers.

Term of service
No time limit

Service rate
NT$ 1,000 for 30 contact info.

How to proceed

Plan C - Banner Ads

Job openings is posted at the most visible area on the homepage with the format of a banner.

What's the effect?
A powerful visual appeal that wins most clicks from teachers.

Term of service
30 days

You can get
10 teachers' contact info for free (no time limit)

Service rate
NT$ 2,500 for 1 homepage banner

How to proceed

Free Ad. Placing

Job seekers can place resumes for free. Online Application.
The employers place positions advertising for free. Employers on New Job Listings
The new employers  to place positions advertising for free. Employers

Links Partnership

  We're welcome for all related promotion.
  Such as links exchange regarding travelling, pubs and restaurants.
  Classifieds for exchanging the info of your needs.

慶祝 Esldewey 新站啟用,我們開放全球求職者免費登錄您的履歷,第一波網路活動,更優惠給台灣以外的亞洲雇主的免費刊登求才訊息,功能完善的杜威新站讓求職者更快速的找到合適的工作,讓雇主輕鬆的找到理想且優良的人才。

■ ESLDewey的服務項目和收費標準
A. 免費刊登:

B. 首頁職缺廣告:


首頁橫幅廣告 + 職缺頁面 + 檢視外師履歷 (10則)範例 30天

2,500 台幣


首頁熱門職缺連結 + 檢視外師履歷 (5則)範例 15天

900 台幣




■ 外師職缺刊登方式
如果您已了解 ESLDewey服務及收費方式,您可以直接透過網路進行刊登!

登錄學校資訊 http://www.esldewey.com.tw/application_school.php
→ 至登入頁面輸入帳號密碼 http://www.esldewey.com.tw/login_school.php
→ 加入一則您想刊登的職缺
→ 回到學校頁面 http://www.esldewey.com.tw/school_center.php
→ 選擇您想付費的項目
→ 付款完成即可觀看您購買的廣告

■ 其它付款方式
1.轉帳付款 2.匯款付款

銀行代號:013 帳號:215-03-200585-0

For any further details or questions about the info above.
Feel free to contact us.cs@esldewey.com.tw  TEL:886-4-23813698